Types of MMA Betting

mma betting

Betting on MMA can be a fun and lucrative way to watch a fight without the expense of buying a ticket. There are many different wager types, from predicting the winner of a match to betting on how long it will last. Understanding the odds, researching fighters, and managing your bankroll are key factors in MMA betting success.

The most basic MMA betting option is the moneyline bet. This wager is based on a simple system: Favorites are expected to win, and this is reflected in the odds. A favorite is indicated by a minus sign, while underdogs are shown with a plus sign. Odds for a moneyline bet can fluctuate based on the amount of action being placed, so it is important to check the odds regularly.

Props, or proposition bets, are a type of MMA betting that offers more specific predictions about the outcome of a fight. They are available for both pre-event and live betting, but they can be tricky to understand for beginners. The most common prop bets are method of victory and round betting, but there are other types as well. Props are usually based on a variety of factors, including fighters’ styles, records, and recent performances, as well as their weight and reach differences.

A KO/TKO, Submission or Decision bet is a type of MMA wager that predicts the specific manner in which a fight will end. Typically, these bets offer higher payouts than other MMA wagers. They are often based on the fighters’ styles, record against other fighters, and even injuries. The KO/TKO bet is a particularly good choice for bettors who are watching the fight on television.

Unlike other sports, MMA fights are typically only 5 rounds in length. This is a major factor in how a bout ends, as bettors can make a profit by placing over/under bets on the number of rounds a fight will last. A push in a bet means that no winner is declared and the bet is returned to bettors.

When making a MMA wager, be sure to study the fighters’ style and record, especially their history outside of the UFC. There are some very talented fighters fighting in other organizations who might not get the attention they deserve due to their lack of UFC exposure. It is also important to consider how a fighter’s style might play into the other fighter’s weaknesses, as even world-renowned stars can lose to a skillful underdog. In addition, you should research the fighters’ stances, as orthodox fighters can have difficulty with southpaw fighters who can land powerful left-handed punches.