How to Beat the Dealer in Blackjack


When playing blackjack, the goal is to beat the dealer. However, the dealer has a slight advantage in blackjack. Players should avoid making busting bets as they will lose even if the dealer hits a blackjack. Blackjack can also result in a push if the player and dealer both have the same point value. If one of the players has a higher point value, he or she will win the game.

Basic strategy

Basic blackjack strategy is one of the most important things that any blackjack player can learn. The basic blackjack strategy will tell you what to do with a certain hand based on the value of the cards the dealer has and the hand value of the player. If you can master this strategy, you will only lose one hand in every 12 hours of play.

Double down

In blackjack, doubling down is a good strategy to use if you have the advantage against the dealer. While this strategy is effective, it’s important to know its disadvantages and benefits before making a decision to double down.


Blackjack insurance is a side bet that can be profitable if the dealer has a blackjack. The insurance bet wins the player $40 if the dealer has a blackjack and a loss of $20 if the dealer does not have a blackjack. Blackjack insurance is not recommended for every situation, but there are many times when it makes sense.

Insurance bets

Insurance bets on blackjack are side bets that can increase your odds of winning the game, while also giving you additional cash to bet with. While this may be a good idea for experienced card counters, it is important to understand the risks associated with this bet. For example, if the dealer has a natural blackjack, insurance is not worth placing unless you’re sure you’ll get an ace.

Hitting on soft 17

Hitting on soft 17 in blackjack can result in a win or a loss. While soft 17 is a very rare situation in most games, it does occur in some situations. For example, if the dealer has an Ace and a six, the hand can either total seven or seventeen. However, if the dealer’s hand is eight or nine, the hand can only total seventeen. In these cases, it is more profitable to hit on soft 17.

Resplitting Aces

There are several advantages to splitting aces in blackjack. Doing so gives the player a higher hand than a regular blackjack hand and gives him or her a good chance of making 21. Choosing to split your aces is often the best option if you are unsure of which hand you have. However, keep in mind that you will not win as much as the 1.5 times your stake if you do not hit 21.

Hitting on two 8’s

Hitting on two eights is an important decision in blackjack. It will increase your chances of hitting a soft 17 or soft 18, but it is also a risky move. Instead, consider splitting your two eights. This way, you will end up with two hands worth 18 points each. Also, remember to always split aces.

Hitting on a soft 17

Hitting on a soft 17 is an error that can happen to either players or dealers. It increases the house edge, and is therefore a bad idea. This rule applies in both online and land-based casinos.